SmackDown Live Preview: 1.11.16

What can we expect from tonight's episode of SmackDown Live?

SmackDown Live Preview: 1.11.16
Daniel Bryan will appear on Miz TV. Photo-

The build continues towards Survivor Series this week with SmackDown Live and after another underwhelming episode of Monday Night Raw the blue brand will be looking to continue their run of beating the red brand at being the best show on WWE's current programming, but what do we have in store tonight?

Daniel Bryan to appear on Miz TV

SmackDown GM, Daniel Bryan is set to appear on Miz T.V. this week in what will likely be a must see segment as the popular manager is set to reveal the teams that will represent SmackDown for the traditional Survivor Series matches against Raw at the upcoming PPV. 

Whilst qualification matches are set for the Tag Team spots and Nikki Bella has been confirmed as the captain of the women's team there is plenty left unknown about who will represent SmackDown as they take on Raw. It is set to be an incredibly important night and even though fans have been enjoying SmackDown's product, the blue brand will be aiming to prove their dominance with victories, meaning the selection of the teams will be crucial. 

With several of Raw's team members confirmed this week Bryan may have a slight advantage and can pick around his competition but with his announcement taking place on Miz TV it may not exactly go to plan. It is well known that Miz and Bryan don't see eye to eye and there is no doubt that The Miz will have plenty to say as he invites Bryan onto his talk show. 

Will Curt Hawkins finally debut?

It has been several months since it was announced that Curt Hawkins was returning to WWE, yet we still await his return match as the former Edgehead has avoided getting in the ring and competing thus far. Apollo Crews has made it clear he is ready to compete with Hawkins and this week could be the time we finally get to see if Hawkins is ready to back up all his 'facts'. 

Will Ambrose seek revenge?

Dean Ambrose's friendship with James Ellsworth came back to haunt him last week as the glorified jobber cost the Lunatic his chance at becoming the WWE World Champion by kicking AJ Styles in the face. This week will be Ambrose's first time to react publicly to Ellsworth's behavior and it is unknown what that will be like. Even though Ellsworth apologized on Talking Smack, Ambrose isn't known for staying cool and relaxed and it would be no surprise to see the Lunatic seek some revenge on Ellsworth. 

Has Randy Orton joined the Wyatt's?

Last week Randy Orton shocked the WWE Universe by hitting Kane with an RKO, leaving him to the Wyatt's and then gave a rather ambiguous, creepy answer when questioned leaving many to guess that he has joined Bray's merry men. Tonight we will likely learn more about what Orton's decision was and there will likely be a furious Big Red Monster lurking not so far behind him.

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