Live Updates, Commentary, and Results of Raw 31.10.16

Live Updates, Commentary, and Results of Raw 31.10.16
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Raw ends with a Shield stare of respect. An average episode of Raw draws to a close, three hours is still too long but the build to Survivor Series has officially begun! 

Here comes Seth Rollins! He is sprinting all around the ring taking out the best friends and getting revenge for what happened inside hell in a cell, but Owens saves Jericho from a Pedigree and the pair escape.

Spear! But just as Reigns is seemingly going to win, Owens jumps him in the ring and the future teammates attack him.

The Walls of Jericho is locked in but Reigns reverses with some big right hands.

Jericho is in control of this championship main event so far thanks to his best friend, Kevin Owens. 

It's main event time, Romean Reigns - Chris Jericho for the United States Championship, with only 10 minutes left of Raw, likey the show over runs, something that houldn't happen on a three hour show.

The champion puts Bayley in a match against... Nia Jax. Great to see Jax being used properly, huge match and Jax is also on the team for Survivor Series, strong line up so far for Raw again. 

Charlotte calls out Bayley who she believes is the weak link to her team, Bayley says she will never be a champion like her, but Charlotte agrees, stating she will never be a champion, telling her this isn't NXT anymore. 

The Queen will be captaining the women's team for Raw, another champion involved in the traditional survivor series matches, will there be any other type of bouts? 

Charlotte is out now and admits that Sasha Banks did push her to her limits, but she is simply second place as she calls the WWE Universe peasants. 

Rich Swann picks up the victory for his team, a fun match but these guys need some storylines and character development desperately before it is too late.

It should speak volumes that the crowd are simply silent, not interested. 

When will WWE provide more than just one cruiserweight storyline at a time instead of just having these generic and pointless matches?

It's cruiserweight action now as Rich Swann, Lince Dorado, and Cedric Alexander are set to team up to take on Drew Gulak, Toney Nese and Daivari. 

New Day are backstage dressed up and confirm they are the captains for the tag team match at Survivor Series. ,

Zayn almost does it... but nope. Strowman dumps him out of the ring and enters team Raw which is shaping up very strong. 

We are down to two, Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman. 

Sheamus turns on Cesaro but the Swiss Superman eliminates his partner, then Strowman dumps out Cesaro before sending Neville to the floor.

Strowman is elimanted.... through the middle ropes and therefore he maintains in the match.  

It's battle royal time, who will join Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens on team Raw?

Backstage Braun Strowman tells Mick Foley he wants to be part of team Raw as he wants real competition. Foley announcer's there will be a battle royal where the winner becomes part of team Raw. 

It's great to see Kendrick's character continue to be worked on and the fire from TJP is what is needed. 

After an amazing move by TJP both men attempt to get back into the ring before the ten count, however, Kendrick decides not to bother and loses but keeps the belt. After the match, Perkins has snapped and locks in the Knee Bar and makes Kendrick tap, but he will still remain champion.

Back from the break and Perkins is still in the driving seat and has the Knee Bar locked in but Kendrick manages to reach the ropes. 

Perkins is out of the gate on fire, taking out Kendrick quickly as we go to commercial... WWE needs to work on timing these better into the show. 

Kendrick says he reminded everyone last night that nice guys will always finish last, he say's he's been playing mind games for the last few weeks by tugging on his heart strings, this is great- good to see the cruiserweights getting some promo time. 

Next up it is a Cruiserweight Championship match as The Brian Kendrick defends his belt against the former champ, TJ Perkins. 

That is incredibly disappointing to see as it seemed like WWE were considering building The Club again, but no, they quickly return to being jokes. 

Enzo takes out Gallows at the knees before hitting Anderson with a pie which is followed by a big boot. The pumpkin goes on Gallows head (with Gallows visibly holding it) and Enzo picks up the win for his team from the top rope. 

Gallows now uses the kendo stick to his advantage and after a small break as Enzo throws pumpkins another huge shot leaves him in control. 

Back from the break and Gallows is in charge, pouring Pumpkin seeds all over Enzo before hitting him with a huge clothesline in the ring. 

Enzo is in control early using some of the props including a skeleton, before putting Gallows head into the apple-bobbing bucket. Gallows picks out an apple and a huge right hand is met with the apple spitting everywhere, Carlito would be proud of that spot, we go to commercial break. 

Following on from yesterday's Toy Story references Enzo and Cass are out dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Woody ahead of this street fight match, plenty of Halloween props around ringside.

Up next it is a 'trick or street' fight between Enzo Amore and Luke Gallows, this could be.... interesting. These gimmick matches for holiday episodes are never usually good, I'm happy to be proven wrong. 

Good opening segment as Goldberg reminds fans what he is capable of, however, I do not like the fact that Rusev is being used in that way, he needs to be built up strong after losing to Roman Reigns not be simply squashed by people, regardless of who it is.

It doesn't end well.... Jackhammer! A slightly botched one, followed up by a spear to Paul Heyman, huge pop from the crowd and that brings an end to that segment. 

The Bulgarian Brute is claiming that Goldberg has lost it and believes that he is scared of Rusev and he crushes weak people- huge right hand to Goldberg. 

Rusev asks who Goldberg thinks he is, to which he screams, "I'm Goldberg, boy."

Heyman begins talking about Goldberg's son and he has angered the big man but here comes.... Rusev?

But he was simply teasing, there will be no appearance from the Beast tonight, no real surprise there. 

Heyman say's Lesnar conquers streaks and tells Goldberg to simply ask Undertaker. He say's Lesnar won't wait until Survivor Series because he wants to face him right here....

Heyman claims the fans are "Pissing" him off due to chanting Goldberg's name. 

Before Goldberg get's to say anything noteworthy we are treated to Paul Heyman, he's here on his client's behalf. 

It's a great reaction for the WCW icon. 

Here we are, it's time for Monday Night Raw and we are kicking off in a huge way - Goldberg! 

After Brock Lesnar accepted Goldberg's challenge to a match at Survivor Series this week the former WCW icon returns to Raw to address the latest developments in his rivalry with the Beast, what will he have to say this time?

Goldberg returns

There is no doubt that the Architect will be searching for revenge against the veteran and will likely be on the hunt for his best friend at the same time. 

After being screwed out of the Universal Championship and then beaten up by Chris Jericho, there is only one person on the list of Seth Rollins right now, Y2J. 

Seth Rollins looks to ruin the list

Foley has yet to name his male team captain and is there a stronger choice right now than Roman Reigns?

After defeating Rusev once again, what is the next step for Roman Reigns? With the United States Championship the Big Dog has a major target on his back, but perhaps his Survivor Series future could be in a different capacity?

What is next for Roman Reigns?

Of course, Banks has a rematch clause but after the vicious beating she suffered it isn't known if she is even medically cleared and it could be time for someone new to step up and challenge Charlotte and with Bayley defeating her former protege could she be the girl to step up to the challenge?

Sasha Banks' defeat proved that once again the Queen of the women's division is Charlotte as the Nature Girl captured the title once again in last night's main event. Now the question is, who can stop Charlotte?

Who can dethrone the Queen?

With three traditional Survivor Series matches taking place this year (male, female, tag team) now is the time for Foley to begin choosing his teams and that will likely begin today, probably in the form of qualification matches. 

Whilst the focus on tonight's Raw might be on the aftermath of Hell in a Cell there will also be an element of Survivor Series build up as Mick Foley needs to begin constructing his teams to take on SmackDown.

Survivor Series teams

However, Strowman hasn't shown any interest in competing with Zayn, believing he is not real competition. Will Zayn prove that isn't the case tonight?

The former Wyatt Family member has been demanding competition for several weeks now and has recently been provided with that in the form of Sami Zayn

Does Braun Strowman have competition?

Even though Perkins does have a rematch there are other names in the division also ready to jump to a title shot such as Rich Swann or Cedric Alexander and with the likes of Noam Dar and Jack Gallagher still to debut hopefully the division will now push on to where fans hope it can be.

Tonight we will experience the firs night of Kendrick's reign and you can expect his first challenger to be made apparent early on, and with TJP having a rematch it is likely the former champion will look for revenge against his old mentor. 

Following Brian Kendrick's victory last night the cruiserweight division has a new champion in the form of the Wizard of Odd. 

Will TJ Perkins search for revenge?

Coming off the back of last night's Hell in a Cell tonight's Raw should be a blockbuster episode with plenty of fallout coming from the PPV. Yet, on the other hand, this show will also provide the start of the build to Survivor Series and Raw will look to start building their teams for the traditional matches against SmackDown.

Welcome, everyone to VAVEL USA's coverage for tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw's. My name is Matthew Wilkinson and I will be providing minute-by-minute updates throughout the show of all the action and results, as well as an in-depth preview, so sit back, relax and enjoy.