WWE Network Launch News

WWE Network Launch News
source: www.bleacherreport.com

Sources say the long awaited WWE Network will finally debut this February.  The WWE has made some major changes to what we were originally told the format of the network would be. It apparently will not be a network that is carried by your local cable provider like and HBO or an ESPN. It will instead be a service more along the lines of Netflix or Hulu. Details are scarce, but so far it seems the service will cost somewhere between $10-$14 per month. With that, you would have immediate access to every RAW, Smackdown and ppv that has ever aired. You will be able to access all of these via any web enabled device. New material will be unlocked as time passes. There is talk of the WWE attempting to entice people to sign up for six months at the launch by throwing in Wrestlemania 30 with your subscription. Moving forward it is expected that all ppv’s (with the exception of future Wrestlemania events) will be available to subscribers.

The network’s launch was postponed numerous times due to the WWE’s inability to work out a deal with companies such as Comcast and Direct TV.

Check back for new details as they become available.

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