Score Navy Midshipmen vs SMU Mustangs of 2016 NCAA Football (75-31)

Score Navy Midshipmen vs SMU Mustangs of 2016 NCAA Football (75-31)
The Navy Midshipmen score a touchdown vs the SMU Mustangs at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in 2015.
Navy Midshipmem
75 31
SMU Mustangs

Thank you for following along here on VAVEL. The recap of the game will be up shortly. This is Thomas Cluck saying so long!

The Navy Midshipmen win in dominant fashion over the SMU Mustangs, with the final score 75-31 here in Dallas.

The score is 68-24, with the Midshipmen of Navy leading.

That concludes our coverage of this game between the Navy Midshipmen and the SMU Mustangs for now. Please return later for final score, quotes, and reaction to this American Athletic Conference game.

1st-and-10 for SMU off a West reception.

2nd-and-4 off a 6-yard reception.

1st-and-10 for SMU off a 21-yard rush.

1st-and-10 for SMU as the kick goes in the end zone for a touchback.

The PAT is no good as the lead stays at 68-24, with Navy leading. 

Touchdown Midshipmen courtesy of an Abey rush to put the lead at a whopping 68-24.

3rd-and-2 as the Midshipmen gain 2 on the ground.

2nd-and-4 as Navy gains 6 on the ground.

1st-and-10 as Cass calls for the fair catch.

4th-and-30 as Hicks is sacked for the third time this drive, forcing SMU to punt.

3rd-and-7 courtesy of a 13-yard pass to Freeman.

2nd-and-20 as Hicks is sacked again for a loss of 10 yards.

1st-and-10 as Hicks completes the pass.

2nd-and-11 as Hicks is sacked for a loss of 1 yard.

1st-and-10 for SMU as the Mustangs return the ball to the 23.

The PAT is blocked and returned by SMU but a penalty offsets it. 

Touchdown Navy as the Midshipmen continue to add on to their lead, now up 62-24.

3rd-and-goal as Abey loses 1 yard on the run.

2nd-and-goal as Abey carries for 3 yards to the 1. 

1st-and-goal courtesy of a Walker run.

The third quarter comes to a close with the Midshipmen of Navy leading 56-24 over SMU.

1st-and-10 courtesy of an Abey run for 55 yards to the SMU 15 yard-line.

3rd-and-10 as Abey loses 1 yard on the keeper.

2nd-and-9 as Abey rushes for 1 yard.

1st-and-10 Navy as Hick's pass is intercepted by the Midshipmen on their 30-yard line.

1st-and-10 courtesy of a Sutton reception.

1st-and-10 as SMU returns the ball to their 22.

The PAT is good and Navy's lead keeps growing as it goes to 56-24.

Touchdown Navy courtesy of a 39-yard rush by Gully to bring the score to 55-24.

1st-and-10 Navy as Hick's pass is out of bounds, resulting in a turnover on downs.

4th-and-3 courtesy of an SMU completion for 7 yards.

3rd-and-12 as Freeman gains 2 on the ground,

2nd-and-14 as Navy tackles an SMU player for a loss.

Penalty: Personal foul late hit out of bounds against Navy, moving SMU up 15 yards.

1st-and-10 as SMU returns the ball to the 15 yard line.

The PAT is good to put the Midshipmen up 49-24 in the third quarter here in Dallas.

Touchdown Navy as Worth carries it in to bolster Navy's lead to 48-24.

2nd-and-goal as Navy gains 6 on the ground.

1st-and-goal courtesy of a Navy carry.

1st-and-10 as Bonner runs for 44-yards to bring the ball to the SMU 23.

1st-and-10 courtesy of a Navy run.

3rd-and-1 as Worth rushes for 3.

2nd-and-4 courtesy of a Worth rush for 6.

The 38-yard field goal is wide right to keep the score at 42-24.

4th-and-13 courtesy of an incomplete pass from West.

3rd-and-13 as West's pass is incomplete out of bounds.

2nd-and-13 courtesy of a Palmore stop. 

1st-and-10 courtesy of a Freeman rush.

3rd-and-1 as Freeman rushes for 1 yard.

2nd-and-2 as West rushes 8 yards.

st-and-10 courtesy of a big completion to Castille.

Penalty: False start on SMU sets the Mustangs back 5 yards.

2nd-and-10 as the Navy defense breaks up the pass.

1st-and-10 as SMU gains 7 through the air.

Penalty: 12-men on field is declined; Offsides is accepted, moving SMU up 5 yards.

1st-and-10 as the pass is complete for SMU.

3rd-and-4 Pass complete to West for 4 yards.

2nd-and-8 as West gains 2 on the run.

Penalty: Holding sets SMU back to the 10.

1st-and-10 for SMU as the Mustangs return the ball to the 24.

The PAT is good as Navy goes up 42-24 over SMU here in University Park.

Touchdown Navy as Norton takes an interception to the end zone to add on to the Midshipmen's lead 41-24.

3rd-and-9 as West gets 1 yard on the ground.

2nd-and-10 as the pass is incomplete intended for West.

1st-and-10 for SMU courtesy of a Mustang return to the 20. 

The PAT is good and Navy goes up 35-24 in the third quarter.

Touchdown Navy as the Midshipmen's White runs 50 yards to put Navy up 34-24.

2nd-and-5 as White runs for 4 yards.

1st-and-10 for Navy as the Midshipmen return the ball to the 46.

Navy will receive the ball to begin the second half.

The first half ends with the Midshipmen of Navy leading 28-24 over the home team SMU Mustangs. 

Time expires in the half as SMU returns the ball 28-yards. 

The PAT is good to put the Midshipmen up 28-24 with six seconds left in the half.

Touchdown Navy as the Midshipmen go up 27-24 through the air.

2nd-and-goal Navy spikes the ball.

1st-and-goal as Navy picks up a first down.

2nd-and-10 as Worth spikes the ball.

1st-and-10 courtesy of a 9-yard run by Navy.

3rd-and-4 as Navy's receiver drops the potential touchdown pass.

2nd-and-4 as Worth picks up 6 yards.

1st-and-10 as Navy picks up a big 27-yard pass to the SMU 36.

2nd-and-10 as Worth just overthrows his receiver. 

1st-and-10 as Worth picks up the first down on the ground.

3rd-and-2 as Navy goes 7 yards on the ground.

2nd-and-9 as Navy picks up 1 yard on the ground.

1st-and-10 as Navy returns the ball 25 yards.

The PAT is good to put the Mustangs ahead 24-21 in the second quarter.

Touchdown SMU courtesy of a 6-yard touchdown pass to Castille to put the Mustangs ahead 23-21.

3rd-and-4 with Freeman going 4 yards on the ground.

2nd-and-8 as Freeman rushes for 2.

1st-and-10 as SMU goes 26 yards through the air.

3rd-and-10 courtesy of no gain from SMU.

2nd-and-10 as Navy breaks up the Mustang's pass.

1st-and-10 for SMU as Navy's Brown fumbles to give the Mustangs the ball at the Midshipmen's 38.

The PAT is good for SMU to put the game at 17-21 as the Midshipmen lead.

Touchdown Mustangs as West keeps the ball for a 1-yard run to tighten the game at 16-21 with Navy leading.

3rd-and-goal with a Freeman run

2nd-and-goal for SMU courtesy of a Freeman run.

Timeout: Navy

1st-and-goal courtesy of a 12-yard gain by the Mustangs.

1st-and-10 courtesy of a big 33-yard gain over the air to Freeman.

2nd-and-2 as Freeman goes 8 yards.

1st-and-10 with Sutton making the 10-yard gain.

2nd-and-10 as Freeman rushes for no gain.

1st-and-10 courtesy of an 8-yard pass to Sutton.

2nd-and-7 courtesy of a 3-yard run by Freeman.

1st-and-10 as the Mustangs return the ball to their 15 yard-line.

The PAT is good to send Navy up 21-10 over the Mustangs here in Dallas.

Touchdown Navy courtesy of a Gully run to the outside to put the Midshipmen up 20-10.

1st-and-Goal on a Worth run to put Navy at the 4 yard-line.

2nd-and-1 as Worth goes 9 yards on the QB keeper to the SMU 12 yard line.

1st-and-10 courtesy of a big completion through the air to put the Midshipmen at the SMU 21 yard-line.

Penalty: Personal foul: Unnecessary roughness to give Navy a 1st-and-10 at the 44.

1st-and-10 courtesy of a touchback to put Navy on the 25 yard line.

The field goal is good from 23 yards and SMU tightens the score at 10-14 with Navy leading.

4th-and-3 as SMU's pass is broken up to force the Mustangs to go for the field goal.

3rd-and-3 courtesy of an incomplete pass from SMU.

2nd-and-3 as West goes 7 on the ground.

Call-Reversed: No targeting but the personal foul: unneccesary roughness remains. 1st-and-10 for SMU.

The play is under further review.

Penalty: Targeting against Navy's Sean Williams.

1st-and-10 for the Mustangs as SMU completes a pass.

3rd-and-2 as SMU picks up 1 on the ground.

2nd-and-3 as SMU picks up 7 yards through the air.

1st-and-10 as Castille picks up 18 yards over the air.

3rd-and-8 as West has no gain on the run.

The 1st quarter comes to a close with Navy leading 14-7 over SMU.

2nd-and-8 as West goes 2 yards on the QB sneak.

1st-and-10 with Sutton getting the 4-yard pass.

3rd-and-1 with the Mustangs running 4 yards.

2nd-and-5 as SMU completes a pass for 5 yards.

1st-and-10 as SMU knees the kickoff for a touchback.

The PAT is good and Navy goes ahead 14-7.

Touchdown as the Midshipmen go ahead courtesy of a 5-yard QB run by Worth to go up 13-7.

2nd-and-Goal as White is stopped by the SMU defense for a 1 yard gain.

1st-and-Goal as Navy runs for 4 yards.

3rd-and-1 as Worth runs for 4 yards.

2nd-and-5 as Worth runs for 5 yards.

1st-and-10 as Worth goes 13 yards on the QB run.

2nd-and-9 as Navy gets 1 yard on the run.

1st-and-10 as Navy completes a 21-yard pass to the 35 yard line.

2nd-and-11 as SMU tackles for a loss on the pitch.

SMU's pass is deflected and Navy receives the ball on a turnover on downs.

4th-and-8 as Freeman is stuffed and SMU will go for it.

3rd-and-8 as the Navy pass rush forces SMU to throw the ball out of bounds.

2nd-and-8 as SMU goes 2 yards on a pass.

1st-and-10 as SMU goes 22 yards on a pass. 

3rd-and-4 as SMU goes 4 yards on a run by Freeman.

2nd-and-8 as Freeman goes 2 yards on the run.

1st-and-10 at the 20 for SMU as Navy's kickoff is a touchback.

Navy ties the game with a successful PAT to make it 7-7. 

Touchdown Navy as Worth goes 29 yards on the quarterback sneak to bring the score to 6-7.

2nd-and-2 as Navy picks up 8 off a pitch.

Flag: Offsides with contact for SMU. 1st-and-10 for Navy at the 37.

2nd-and-1 as Navy pitches for a 9-yard gain.

1st-and-10 for Navy at the 49 as SMU misses an on-side kick.

The PAT is good to put SMU up 7-0 in 11 plays, driving 75 yards. 10:41 left in the first quarter.

Touchdown SMU with a 19-yard Sutton touchdown for a 6-0 lead. 

1st-and-10 with SMU going 21 yards into red zone.

3rd-and-10 as Navy comes up with a big tackle for loss on a screen pass.

2nd-and-7 as SMU runs for 3 yards.

1st-and-10 as SMU completes a big first down pass for 12 yards.

1st-and-10 with an SMU complete pass to Walker.

3rd-and-3 as West goes 2 yards.

2nd-and-5 with a West run for 5 yards.

1st-and-10 for SMU with a 5-yard pass for 1st down

3rd-and-4 as SMU completes a pass to the 26.

2nd-and-10 as Navy bats down an SMU pass.

1st-and-10 at the 20 as SMU knees the ball in the end zone. 

SMU will defend the north end zone.

Navy chooses heads and SMU wins the toss, electing to receive. 

The home team SMU Mustangs take the field to a roar from the Dallas crowd.

The visiting Navy Midshipmen take the field.

Senior Day festivities are underway on the field here at Gerald J. Ford Stadium in Dallas. 

Check back before kickoff for more exclusive coverage of SMU's showdown with Navy here in Dallas. 

For the Midshipmen of Navy, Ken Niumatalolo's team has been striving to reach the same heights graduated quarterback Keenan Reynolds led the Midshipmen to last year. The American Athletic Conference leaders began their season 3-0 with wins over Fordham, UConn, and Tulane. The Midshipmen were upset by rival Air Force 28-14 before two more wins sent Navy to 5-1. A tough loss to USF was the Midshipmen's last loss of the season, with Niumatalolo's team currently on a three-game win streak including a thrilling, 28-27 win over rival Notre Dame. Last week the Midshipmen claimed an easy 66-31 victory over East Carolina. 

With an hour before kickoff here at Ford Stadium in Dallas, VAVEL USA gives you a breakdown of both teams beginning with the home team, SMU Mustangs. The Mustangs began their 2016 campaign with a dominant 34-21 victory over North Texas before a blowout loss to the Bears of Baylor put Chad Morris' team at 1-1. An easy win over Liberty followed before three straight losses to TCU, Temple, and Tulsa sent the Mustangs to 2-4. SMU has gone 3-2 since, with a massive 38-16 win over then College Football Playoff outsider Houston putting the final nail in the coffin for Tom Herman's teams' playoff hopes. Last week the Mustangs fell at home to the USF Bulls 35-27. 

Check back before game time for minute-by-minute updates ahead of this pivotal American Athletic Conference showdown. 

In a pivotal American Athletic Conference game, the Navy Midshipmen (8-2) go on the road to face the SMU Mustangs (5-6) with conference and bowl hopes on the line. Last week, the Midshipmen throttled East Carolina 66-31 in Greenville, while the Mustangs of SMU fell in a tight 35-27 loss to the USF Bulls under the lights in University Park. This week, Navy hopes to keep the momentum going ahead of their rivalry game against the Black knights of Army in two weeks time, while SMU looks to get bowl eligible amidst rumors of their head coach Chad Morris leaving for Baylor

Welcome to VAVEL USA’s LIVE coverage of this week in college football as the SMU Mustangs host the Navy Midshipmen! My name is Thomas Cluck and I will be providing minute-by-minute updates, commentary, and results of this game. Kickoff will be at 3:30 pm ET on Saturday, November 26. There will be coverage pregame, during the game and postgame live from Gerald J. Ford Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

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