Summary Army 21-13 Wake Forest in NCAA Football 2016

Summary Army 21-13 Wake Forest in NCAA Football 2016
21 13
Wake Forest

0:00 After a few kneel downs Army has defeated Wake Forest on the road 21-13

1:12 Bradshaw gets the first and after a few kneel downs, Army will have this game won

1:17 Bradshaw gains 9. 2nd and 1. Timeout WF

1:23 Onside kick is unsuccessful. Army takes over at the WF 48

1:25 Weaver's kick is good. 21-13. Wake will need an onside kick

1:29 Wolford pass incomplete again. 4th and 10

1:35 Wolford misses Bachman again. 3rd and 10

1:41 Injury timeout

1:41 Pass deep in the endzone incomplete

1:47 Wolford scrambles to the 16 yard line. 1st and 10 

1:57 Wolford throws deep intended for Lewis but incomplete

2:03 Play under review. Lewis dropped it, 2nd and 10

2:03 Wolford hits Lewis but pass out of bounds

2:13 Lewis catches the pass for a first

2:23 Bachman again. 2nd and 4

2:33 False start WF. 1st and 15

2:39 Bachman catches the pass for 10 yard gain

2:46 Wade returns the kick to the WF 35

2:54 Play stands. Army converts the PAT. Army leads 21-10

2:54 Woolfolk carries the pile into the endzone for the touchdown. Play is under review

Wake Forest uses their 1st Timeout

3:03 Bradshaw runs right for 3 yards. 2nd and 6

3:39 Bradshaw gets to the 9. 1st and goal

4:23 Walker on the sweep gains 9

5:07 Bradshaw gets the first. 

5:46 Walker gains 4. 2nd and 6

6:23 Bradshaw on the sneak. Gets the first. Army now at the WF 39

7:02 Bradshaw gains 5. 3rd and 1

7:37 Davidson gains 4. 2nd and 6

8:08 Bradshaw keeps it and gets the first.

8:45 Walker gains 4. 3rd and 3

9:22 Woolfolk runs for 2 yards. 2nd and 8

9:25 Wolford overthrows Hines and is intercepted again. Army will start at their own 40

9:33 Pass to Bachman incomplete. 3rd and 12

10:10 Pass to Carney stopped for a loss of 2

10:36 Wake Forest goes for it and Carney gets the first down at their own 32

11:11 Pass complete to Bachman but Wake is short of the first down.

11:25 Wolford misses Hines. 3rd and 10

11:31 Wolford's pass nearly intercepted deep.

11:38 Wake starts at their own 20.

11:45 PAT hits the upright but goes through. Army takes a 14-10 lead

11:45 Bradshaw keeps the ball and scores to give Army the lead. Injury timeout

12:22 Woolfolk gets no gain. 2nd and 10

12:59 Bradshaw gets the first. Ball at WF 11

13:35 Davidson up the middle for 9 more yards. 2nd and 1 at the WF 17

13:57 Bradshaw finds Poe for another big passing play

14:29 Davidson runs up the middle for the first. 

14:55 Drake runs right for a gain of 6. 3rd and 5

0:00 At the end of the 3rd quarter Wake Forest leads 10-7. 

0:11 Davidson stopped by Williams for a loss of one

0:38 Bradshaw throws to Asberry for 17 yards

0:45 Maggio with a great 62 yard punt. Army starts at their own 12

0:57 Wolford overthrows Bachman and Wake will have to punt

1:21 Colburn stopped in the backfield for a loss of 3

1:53 Wolford keeps it and runs for 4

1:58 Bradshaw is intercepted at the goal line by Jessie Bates. WF starts at their own 24

2:38 Woolfolk gains 4. 3rd and 4

3:12 Bradshaw gains 2 on the keeper. 2nd and 8

3:39 Walker on the sweep for another first at the WF 24

3:59 Davidson runs forward for 9 and a first

4:22 Bradshaw stopped after a gain of two at the WF 47.

4:38 Davidson gets the first. 

4:58 Asberry gets the first down

5:29 Davidson gains 1

5:36 Offsides onWF. 1st and 5 from the 33

5:36 Weaver misses the field goal right and Army will start at the 28

5:56 Injury Timeout

5:59 Wolford stopped for a loss of 2. 4th and 4.

6:22 Wade with the catch. Gains 8. 3rd and 2

6:29 Play overturned. Incomplete pass. 2nd and 10

6:29 Wolford throws the pass deep to Washington for the touchdown! Play is under review

6:49 Colburn catches the swing pass and carries defenders to the first down.

6:56 Wolford just overthrows Bachman on the pass deep. 2nd and 10. Injury Timeout

7:15 Wolford runs the draw for 7 more and another first

7:30 Bachman catches the pass for 7 yards

7:48 Wolford finds Serigne for a 27 yard gain.

8:12 Wake called for holding. 1st and 20

8:22 Army's punt bounces into the endzone. WF starts at the 20

8:31 Pass to Poe stopped by Bassey. 4th and 4

9:07 Walker gains 4. 3rd and 4 from the WF 44

9:41 Woolfolk gains just 2. 2nd and 8

10:14 Walker for another first down.

10:45 Trainor again on the sweep. Gets the first. 

11:17 Trainor runs to the left and gains 4. 3rd and 4

11:52 Drake runs right for 2 yards

12:02 Another touchback for Weaver. Army starts at the 25

12:02 Weaver hits the 37 yard field goal and Wake Forest takes their first lead of the game 10-7

12:07 Throw to Hines too far. 4th and 12

12:13 Wolford throws the ball away. 3rd and 12

12:34 Hines with another catch. Stopped for a loss of 2

12:54 Injury Timeout

12:58 Hines again with the catch. 1st down at the 17.

13:19 Pass to Hines gains 3. 3rd and 5

13:41 Injury Timeout

13:46 Carney runs for just 2 yards

13:53 Army fumbles and Ejiofor gets the fumble recovery. 1st down WF at the Army 35

14:27 Woolfolk again this time for the first

14:56 Woolfolk runs up the middle for 5 yards

15:00 Weaver kicks the ball into the endzone. Touchback.

Halftime Army has been opportunistic defensively with 2 interceptions already

Halftime Wake Forest has held Army to 42 rushing yards on 24 carries and just 4 first downs

0:13. Army stopped again and the game will go to the half tied Army 7 Wake Forest 7

0:55 Bradshaw stopped for just 2 yards

1:00 McGue muffs the punt but the ball falls out of bounds. Army catches a break and takes over at their own 11

1:08 False start for WF and they'll bring on the punt team

1:08 Timeout #2 Army

1:45 Wolford stopped on the scramble. 4th and 4

2:22 Wolford to Washington for 5 more. 3rd and 5

2:54 Colburn runs for a gain of 5. 2nd and 10

3:22 False start for WF. 1st and 15

3:35 Colburn with the swing pass catch for the first down

3:41 Wolford finds Bachman for a 5 yard gain

3:48 Williams with the sack and makes his second 4th down stop of the game. Wake starts at their own 41

4:30 Army gains 10 on the pass to Poe. 4th and 12

4:37 Pass incomplete. Chop block on Army. 3rd and 22

5:16 Woolfolk runs forward for 3 yards. 3rd and 7

5:50 Bradshawk runs for no gain by escaping the sack

6:17 Bradshaw with another good pass to Poe. 1st down at the WF 30

6:57 Bradshaw gains 3. 3rd and 10

7:39 Woolfolk stopped for 2

7:43 Delay of game for Army. 1st and 15

7:43 Weaver's kick out of bounds. Army will start at their own 35. 

7:43 Hines catches the screen pass wide and scores the touchdown. Wake ties it up with the extra point. 7-7

8:00 Wolford breaks tackles and gets to the 3

8:23 Colburn runs for the first and more. WF ball at the 16

8:59 Colburn again for a gain of 4. 3rd and 6

9:04 Pass deep incomplete. 2nd and 10. 

9:23 Wolford up the middle for another first down

9:40 Hines catches the pass for 8 yards

10:04 Colburn rushes up the middle for a 15 yard gain

10:40 Wolford finds Serigne for 7 yards. 2nd and 3

10:49 Williams jumps the snap and breaks up the play quickly. WF takes over at their own 31

11:31 Bradshaw stopped again. At the 28 Army will go for 4th and 5

12:12 Bradshaw keeps the ball and gains 1

12:43 Davidson hit hard and fumbles but Army recovers. 2nd and 5

12:50 Great return for Army to Wake's 33

13:39 Wake Forest stopped short

14:00 Wade gets a swing pass for 4 yards

14:12 Wolford escapes a sack by attempting a shovel pass to Carney. 

14:20 Army punts to WF 40

14:56 Bradshaw stopped again and Army will punt

0:12 Bradshaw stopped in the backfield by Ejiofor and the quarter ends. Army 7 Wake Forest 0

0:39 Bradshaw escapes the rush and finds Ejekam for a 6 yard gain

0:47 Touchback. Army takes over

1:26 Carney stopped in the backfield. Wake will bring on the punt team

2:09 Bachman catches the high pass by Wolford. 3rd and 1

2:43 Colburn gains just 2. 2nd and 8

3:20 Wolford again. 1st down WF

3:39 Wolford with the draw. Gains 9

3:45 WF will start at their 24 yard line.

3:57 No one is open and Carter throws it away. 4th and 9

4:40 Loss of two for Army. 3rd and 9

5:00 Davidson for 3 yards. 2nd and 7

5:15 Timeout Army

5:50 Carter again runs left. First down.

6:28 Asberry runs for 5 more yards. 3rd and 2

7:06 New QB for Army Chris Carter runs for 3 yards

7:12 Wolford overthrows Hines and his pass is intercepted. Army ball at their own 22

7:30 Wolford hits his third attempted deep ball. This one to Hines. Caught at Army's 43. 

7:38 A kickoff return touchdown for Wake is taken away by a holding penalty. WF will start at their own 10. A 90 yard and 7 point swing

7:54 Army with the pass and beats Wake Forest deep. Poe scores the touchdown to put Army up 7-0

8:03 Army starts with good field position again. 1st and 10 at WF 44

8:11 Delay of game for WF.

8:16 Pass deep by Wolford incomplete. Wake will punt

8:39 Colburn stopped for no gain. 3rd and 7

9:10 Colburn runs up the middle for a gain of 3

9:16 Army misses the 29 yard field goal. Wake takes over at the 20

9:50 Bradshaw stopped short of the first. Army will attempt a field goal

10:25 No gain for Bradshaw. 3rd and 5

11:05 Woolfolk for 5 more

11:34 Darnell Woolfolk runs for the first down and more.

12:15 Bradshaw again for 4 more. 3rd and 2

12:47 Bradshaw rushes for a gain of 4

12:54 Wolford's pass to Serigne is too high and is intercepted by Army's England. Army ball at WF 35

13:09 Wolford throws deep, but his pass to Bachman is broken up

13:48 On 2nd down, Carney rushes for 8 and a first down

13:55 Timeout Wake Forest

14:06 Hines on the short pass for 6 yards

14:27 Wolford rushes for the first down

14:46 Swing pass to Cade Carney for 9 yards

14:54 Good kick coverage for Army. Wake starts at their own 16.

2:55 PM Around the ACC: Louisville is leading Virginia 21-17 in the 4th quarter. Georgia Tech leads Duke 31-28. NC State leads BC 14-13. Notre Dame plays Miami and Florida State will play Clemson tonight

2:50 PM Army is currently on a 2 game road losing streak. Wake Forest is 3-0 at home this season

This game will be a close contest as Army and Wake Forest are both similar teams, but Wake Forest does seem to be a step ahead of the Black Knights and should have the edge at home. Wake Forest wins and earns their first bowl berth since 2011. Wake Forest 27 Army 21.

Defensively, the importance will be the opposite. By stopping the run, both defenses will force third and long situations and force their opponent to have to pass more than they normally would. Both teams rely on their run game and if that is taken away, the offense should stall.

The most important factors in this game will probably be the success each quarterback has in the run game. John Wolford and Ahmad Bradshaw both have the ability to make plays with their feet. Both offenses run designed plays to allow their quarterback to run. Whichever quarterback is able to break the long run and make the big play, that team will have the best chance to win.

To add to the importance of this game, it is Homecoming Week for the Demon Deacons and this will be their sixteenth matchup against Army since 1945. They hold an 11-4 lead in the series and has a nine-game winning streak over the Black Knights since 1990. This is also their last non-conference game and Wake Forest has a chance to be perfect in their non-conference schedule since 2006 when they won the ACC and made the Orange Bowl.

Wake Forest, however, may struggle with Army’s solid defense. The Black Knights are ranked third in the NCAA in total defense. Their opponents average less yards a game than top team in the country, the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Black Knights are also balanced, stopping both the run and the pass equally well.

Wake Forest also enjoys a good rushing attack. With their spread offense and three good running backs in Matt Colburn, Cade Carney and Tyler Bell, Wake has a team that can be very formidable if their offensive line can have a strong game. Against an undersized Army team, Wake Forest may have a size advantage that they normally do not. They will most likely try to establish the run early and allow it to open up their play action passing game.

Army loves to run the football. Their double wing formation is heavily reliant on a good ground attack. They already have 26 rushing touchdowns as compared to 4 passing touchdowns. Andy Davidson leads the team with seven touchdowns rushing while quarterback Ahmad Bradshaw has four. They will run the triple option attack, so Wake Forest defenders has to stick to their assignments and stay disciplined. That is the best way to keep Army from moving the ball successfully.

A good sign for the Demon Deacons is the return of Kendall Hinton to practice. Hinton injured his knee in their Week 3 matchup against Delaware. John Wolford has been steady in his absence, but this starting spot was earned by Hinton in the Duke game earlier in the season. Hinton has the ability to make defenders miss and run the read option well. If both quarterbacks are able to play, Army will need to adjust to both their styles for the matchup.

Army is also trying to recover from a loss. They fell to North Texas last Saturday 35-18 at home. With a 4-3 record, Army is in the mix for a bowl game just like Wake Forest. The Black Knights just need two wins in their next five games. They play Wake Forest, Air Force, Notre Dame, Morgan State, and Navy. A few of these games are winnable for the Black Knights, but an upset against Wake Forest would make it almost certain that Army will make a bowl game this season.

Wake Forest had a bye last weekend after a tough 17-6 defeat to conference foe Florida State. The Deacons seemed to be a little outmatched in terms of size and speed, but still fought to keep the game close late into the fourth quarter. The Wake Forest offense had virtually no success running the ball, which has been the main focus of this offense and their passing game suffered as a result. The Deacons’ defense was able to provide many stops to keep Wake in the game, but as their offense continued to struggle, fatigue set in for the defense and Florida State had more offensive success later in the game.

Welcome to VAVEL USA’s LIVE coverage of this week in college football as the Wake Forest Demon Deacons host the Army Black Knights. My name is Jordan Hansgen and I will be providing minute-by-minute updates, commentary and results of this game. Kickoff will be at 3:30 PM ET on Saturday October 29. There will be coverage pregame, during the game and postgame live from BB&T Field in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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