Appalachian State - Michigan Wolverines Live of NCAA College Football

Appalachian State - Michigan Wolverines Live of NCAA College Football
Can Marcus Cox inspire the Mountaineers in The Big House? (Image:ASU Athletics/Dave Mayo)

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15:25 PM EST: Appalachian State got the result they expected but can take heart from the improvement they made second half, and Terrence Upshaw's performance on the ground; going for 109 yards (6.1 avg).

15:22 PM EST: Michigan dominated this game, as they should have. They face a tougher test when they travel to South Bend next week, but will take a lot of positives from this match. The chemistry between Devin Gardner and Devin Funchess, and rushing for 350 yards (9.7 avg). However Greg Mattison will be unhappy with his team's run defense

Final Score: Appalachian State:14 - 52 :Michigan

End of game: Michigan take over on downs and see out the game with a short run by Wyatt Shallman.

4th Qtr, (1:07): Upshaw takes the ball across the half way line with a 6 yard carry.

4th Qtr, (1:30): Lamb hits Dante Jones twice for consecutive first downs

4th Qtr, (2:18): Two consecutive penalties leave the offense facing a 3rd and 15

4th Qtr, (3:35): The Mountaineers open the drive with a run by Upshaw, but for once the Wolverines stop him at the line, Henry Poggi getting in on the tackle

4th Qtr, (3:42): Appalachian State:14 - 52 :Michigan

4th Qtr, (3:42): Matt Wile makes this kick for an 18 yard field goal.

4th Qtr, (4:22): Justice Hayes takes the ball to the one yard line on 3rd down, after Freddy Canteen made his first career reception for no gain.

4th Qtr, (5:40): After a timeout it's Drake Johnsons turn to cut up the left, bringing Michigan to the 8 yard line. However he gets nowhere on 1st and goal.

4th Qtr, (7:27): Hayes takes the ball to the left for 18 yards.

4th Qtr, (8:06): After a Justice Hayes run, Morris finds TE Khalid Hill for a first down.

4th Qtr, (9:01): A nice return by Norfleet gives Michigan the ball on their own 36th

4th Qtr, (9:05): Appalachian State:14 - 49 :Michigan

4th Qtr, (9:05): Cox can't get anywhere on 1st down, and Lamb throws it through the back of the endzone on second. However Cox takes it into the endzone for a touchdown, capping off an impressive 97 yard drive.

4th Qtr, (9:52): Lamb looks to the right again, trying to hit Sumler in the endzone, the pass was a bit off but contact from Jeremy Clark draws a flag and gives the Mountaineers the ball on the 1 yard line

4th Qtr, (10:22): Lamb finds Malachi Jones down the right to take the ball to the 11 yard line.

4th Qtr, (10:45): Another first down for Lamb, this time on a QB keeper.

4th Qtr, (11:15): Cox converts the 4th down, taking a pitch to the right sideline.

4th Qtr, (11:39): Lamb tries for another 1st down through the air, but an errant pass leaves his receiver with no chance.

4th Qtr, (12:35): Two runs from Upshaw, the second a 19 yarder, take the Mountaineers into Michigan territory, and Upshaw over 100 yards. There has been a lot to like about this match for Michigan, but the run defense has been poor.

4th Qtr, (13:38): Another first down through the asir for Lamb, this time to Simms McElfresh.

4th Qtr, (14:40): Backed up against their own goal line, Lamb finds Tacoi Sumler who runs for a first down.

4th Qtr, (15:00): Freshman Taylor Lamb is now in at quarterback for Appalachian State

4th Qtr, (15:00): Appalachian State: 7 - 49 :Michigan

3rd Qtr, (0:47): However Morris follows that with a pick, Aiming for Darboh down the right, but finding Appalachian State's Dante Blackmon instead

3rd Qtr, (1:10): Back to back runs from Green (one, good, one bad) leave Michigan with a 2nd and 10, which Morris converts through the air with a 26 yard pass to Keith Heitzman.

3rd Qtr, (2:52): An incomplete pass ends the drive, Michigan take over on their own 38. Shane Morris is in at QB.

3rd Qtr, (3:37): Bryant is stopped in the backfield by Jake Ryan on the 1st down. Then Ross stops Cox for short yardage. 3rd and 9 coming up.

3rd Qtr, (4:22): Appalachian State start their drive on their own 27 yard line.

3rd Qtr, (4:27): Appalachian State: 7 - 49 :Michigan

3rd Qtr, (4:27): Keeping it on the ground, De'Veon Smith thumps his way through the Mountaineers for another touchdown.

3rd Qtr, (5:57): It's Gardner's turn to scamper for a first down, this time after he struggled to find a pass he liked, so he danced his was through the defense.

3rd Qtr, (7:00): Dennis Norfleet scampers down the right for a first down after a screen pass.

3rd Qtr, (7:12): That ruling is being reviewed, but the replay does show the ball bouncing off the kickers knee just before it reached the 10 yard mark.

3rd Qtr, (7:12): Appalachian State try an onside kick and recover it successfully, but the kicker (who recovered it) was ruled to have touched the ball inside 10 yards, making it Michigan's ball.

3rd Qtr, (7:12): That was a positivre drive from Appalachian State, they started leaned on the running game, which continues to work, but two good passes from Bryant turned it into a scoring drive.

3rd Qtr, (7:12): Appalachian State: 7 - 42 :Michigan

3rd Qtr, (7:12): Bryant finds Simms McElfresh in the back corner of the endzone for a touchdown.

3rd Qtr, (7:42): Cox gains 3 yards, but Frank Clark gets Bryant in the backfield to force 3rd and long.

3rd Qtr, (8:49): A 10 yard run by Cox is followed by a deep strike to Barbour which brings the Mountaineers to the 8 yard line. 1st and Goal.

3rd Qtr, (9:55): 4th and 3 on their own 48, the Mountaineers pitch the ball to Upshaw who just about makes the first down.

3rd Qtr, (10:30): Upshaw opens the 2nd half in the way he ended the first, with a couple of runs for positive yardage, earning the Mountaineers a 1st down.

3rd Qtr, (11:36): Appalachian State: 0 - 42 :Michigan

3rd Qtr, (11:36): Derrick Green blasts into the endzone for the touchdown, applying the coup de grace to his huge run that got the drive going.

3rd Qtr, (11:47): The ruling is upheld and Michigan lose the challenge, but it's still Michigans ball inside the one yard line.

3rd Qtr, (11:47): Michigan are stopped at the line on first down, the a De'Veon Smith run reaches the goal line. The ruling was that he is short, but Brady Hoke is challenging the call, it looked like Smith came up centimetres short.

3rd Qtr, (13:35): A great block by Joe Kerridge springs Green costless on the right, he takes it all the way to the Mountaineers 4 yard line.

3rd Qtr, (14:00): Green runs the first play for nine yards, but is stuffed on the second, leaving Michigan with a 3rd and one.

3rd Qtr, (15:00): Appalachian State put the kick off through the back of the endzone. Michigan ball.

Half Time: At 35-0, it's surely only a matter of time before Michigan start taking starters out of the contest. It should give back up QB Shane Morris an opportunity to show how he is progressing.

Half Time: Unfortunately they have been unable to get the passing game going, with Kameron Bryant under a fair amount of pressure. He has completed 5 of 14 passes for 11 yards. There were a couple of drops in there, but most of the passes have been off target.

Half Time: For Appalachian State the one ray of hope is RB Terrence Upshaw who has 48 yards on 6 carries.

Half Time: Devin Funchess has 7 receptions for 95 yards and 3 touchdowns

Half Time: De'Veon Smith has 99 yards and a touchdown on 6 carries, Derrick Green has 85 yards on 8 carries.

Half Time: Michigan players have some impressive stat lines in that first half. Devin Gardner completed 11 of 12 passes for 153 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Half Time: Appalachian State: 0 - 35 :Michigan

2nd Qtr, (0:00): Six and four yard runs by Upshaw see out the half

2nd Qtr, (0:48): Appalachian State: 0 - 35 :Michigan

2nd Qtr, (0:48): The subsequent punt was deflected at the line and returned down the right sideline for a touchdown by Ben Gedeon.

2nd Qtr, (1:00): Which they fail to convert, this time Bryant stepped up into the pocket but the pass was slow and the ball arrived at McElfresh at the same time as Michigan safety Calrk, an incompletion was the result.

2nd Qtr, (1:06): Two plays that go nowhere leave the Mountaineers facing another 3rd and long.

2nd Qtr, (1:26): Appalachian State: 0 - 28 :Michigan

2nd Qtr, (1:26): De'Veon Smith takes a delayed run for 64 yards before following it with another run, this time smashing it into the endzone for the first ruching Touchdown of the game.

2nd Qtr, (2:17): 3rd and 4 for the Mountaineers, Bryant is hit by Willie Henry as he throws and the ball soars past his intended receiver. Michigan take over on their 19 yard line

2nd Qtr, (3:41): Marcus Cox runs for a first down, but an accidental tackle by his own receiver cut the run short.

2nd Qtr, (3:52): A fine return by Bobo Beathard, which included a hurdle, is spoilt by a holding penalty during the return.

2nd Qtr, (3:59): Appalachian State: 0 - 21 :Michigan

2nd Qtr, (3:59): The touchdown was reviewed and confirmed. That facemask penalty proves costly.

2nd Qtr, (3:59): Which becomes another Gardner to Funchess touchdown, this time on a jump ball to the back of the endzone.

2nd Qtr, (4:23): After a short pass to Funchess, the Mountaineers have Garder cornered at the sideline, but tackling him by his facemask results in a Michigan 1st down on the 9 yard line

2nd Qtr, (5:48): Derrick Green runs down the right for a 59 yard gain, the line opened a huge running lane which Green made good use of.

2nd Qtr, (6:06): The 3rd down pass to freshman Jaylan Barbour is stopped just short of a first down. The Mountaineers make as though they are going to go for it on fourth and short, but after wasting a time out they punt.

2nd Qtr, (6:52): After a 3 yard run, Bryant finds Malachi Jones down the middle of the field, but the receiver dropped it.

2nd Qtr, (7:23): Appalachian have the ball on the 31st, will that stop give the offense a boost?

2nd Qtr, (7:23): A 48 yard Matt Wile field goal attempt misses wide right

2nd Qtr, (7:29): After a loss of yards on first, Michigan gain nine on a quick slant to Funchess. Then a first down on a dump off to Dennis Norfleet who takes a hit, but a block in the back by Chesson wipes out the play. Gardner's first incompletion of the game ends the drive.

2nd Qtr, (9:50): Gardner hits Amarah Darboh down the right for a 16 yard gain on first down.

2nd Qtr, (9:58): The second Wormley play didn't count as Appalachian State had called a time out, so on the do-over Taco Charlton sacked Bryant for an even greater Loss. Michigan take over on their 44.

2nd Qtr, (11:31): Back to back plays in the backfield for Chris Wormley, both times getting to Kameron Bryant, force the Mountaineers to go 3 & out

2nd Qtr, (12:19): Michigan try to convert by running a draw play with Justice Hayes, but it ends in a one yard loss. Michigan have to punt it and Jehu Chesson nails the returnman inside the 10

2nd Qtr, (13:01): That sort of mistake will happen this year, Michigan's line is young and largely learning on the job. So long as they are uncommon by the time they reach November it should be alright.

2nd Qtr, (13:01): Ronald Blair beats Mason Cole to sack Gardner for an 8 yard loss, leaving Michigan facing 3rd & 12. The Wolverines take a time out.

2nd Qtr, (14:54): It's Derrick Greens turn for a good run, gaining 19 yards down the right.

2nd Qtr, (15:00): It's been too easy for Michigan thus far, Garner and Funchess have looked sharp, and with the exception of one long run by Upshaw, the Mountaineers have been unable to move the ball. They need to settle down.

2nd Qtr, (15:00): At the end of the first Quarter the score is Appalachian State: 0 - 14 :Michigan

1st Qtr, (0:29): And they fail to convert again, Bryant overthrows his receiver down the left touchdown, but the coverage was tight.

1st Qtr, (0:40): The Mountaineers Gain short yardage on successive plays, a run by Cox and catch by TE Burns, to face a 3rd & 5.

1st Qtr, (1:52): Appalachian State: 0 - 14 :Michigan

1st Qtr, (1:52): Gardner throws deep down the left to a leaping Devin Funchess for a touchdown, Funchess stiff arms the tackler and carries it over the line.

1st Qtr, (2:50): Smith carries the ball twice more for sdhort yardage, but enough to gain another 1st down on the 34 yard line

1st Qtr, (3:19): Smith powers up the middle twice, gaining 15 yards the first time (cutting otuside Mason Cole), and 4 on the second.

1st Qtr, (4:53): Gardner fakes a hand-off to De'Veon Smith then goes down the right to Funchess, who leaps a takler for a couple of extra yards.

1st Qtr, (5:40): A drop by Marcus Cox wastes the second down, and Michigan shut down a short pass forless than a yard on the 3rd. Michigan ball

1st Qtr, (5:52): After a penalty against Frank Clark for jumping the shield, Appalachian State held onto the ball, but Bryant threw it to nowhere on first down.

1st Qtr, (6:33): The Mountaineers have a 3rd & 23. Bryant keeps it and runs for a yard. Punt upcoming.

1st Qtr, (8:00): The Mountaineers undo Upshaw's good work after a receiver caught Jabrill Peppers with a cheap shot to the knee, injuring the freshman and earning a personal foul.

1st Qtr, (8:26): Upshaw bursts through the line and runs for a 26 yard gain

1st Qtr, (8:48): That was a strong first drive from the Wolverines, with two 3rd down conversions and Gardner looking sharp.

1st Qtr, (8:48): Appalachian State: 0 - 7 :Michigan

1st Qtr, (8:48): Michigan have a 3rd and 7 on the nine yard line. Devin Garder passes to Devin Funchess over the middle for a touchdown

1st Qtr, (11:00): They convert it with a pass to Chesson down the left.

1st Qtr, (11:29): Michigan have a 3rd and long after a short pass to Norfleet and a loss on a run by Green.

1st Qtr, (12:54): Michigan march swiftly down the field with a couple of plays, the second of which is a Devin Gardner run down the left.

1st Qtr, (13:41): Appalachian State go 3 and out after a pass to RB Davidson falls just short

1st Qtr, (14:30): Terrence Upshaw with a 6 yard run to open the game for Appalachian State

12:01 PM EST Michigan won the toss but have elected to defer

11:59 AM EST The teams have taken to the field.

11:55 AM EST Michigan have also enjoyed some positive recruiting news this week, with the commitment of 4* DE/DT Darian Roseboro (Lincolnton, North Carolina) for the 2015 class.

11:50 AM EST Today should see the first appearance of Jabrill Peppers in a Michigan Jersey. The consensus 5* recruit has drawn comparison to Michigan great Charles Woodson, as a DB who can play on offense and be a dangerous return man. However it is incredibly unfair to put that level of expectation upon a young man's shoulders.

11:45 AM EST The Warhawks 17-10 victory over Wake Forest leaves the Sun Belt 1-0 against Power 5 teams, but the Mountaineers face a stiffer test in Ann Arbor.

11:40 AM EST Appalachian State are the fourth Sun Belt team to begin their season, the conference has already seen victories for Georgia Southern, New Mexico State and Louisiana-Monroe.

11:35 AM EST Michigan have announced that WR Devin Funchess will wear the number 1 jersey this season, in honour of Michigan legend Ron Kramer.

11:30 AM EST There has also been competition in the secondary where veteran cornerbacks Blake Countess and Ramon Taylor have found themselves under pressure from Jourdan Lewis, and superstar recruit Jabrill Peppers.

11:25 AM EST At linebacker Jake Ryan has moved to the middle in an effort to ensure he is involved in practically every play. The depth chart is full of OR's, as strong off-seasons across the board have made it difficult for the coaching staff to settle on a starting trio. Instead they are likely to utilise 5-6 linebackers throughout the course of the match.

11:20 AM EST The Wolverines defense looks both talented and deep in 2014, and that starts upfront. Weak-side end has the physical traits to be a dominant pass rusher, but he has only flashed that potential so far. If he puts it all together as a senior he could double his 5 sack haul from last season. Inside Willie Henry is a talented 3-technique who looks poised for a breakout campaign.

11:16 AM EST Gardner's main target is expected to be Devin Funchess, who has moved to receiver full time after playing most of his first two seasons at tight end. At 6'5" and 230lbs, Funchess has the size and speed to be a match up nightmare for whomever is tasked with covering him. In order to fulfil his immense potential he needs to develop as a route runner, and do a better job securing the easier catches; though he can already make the spectacular ones.

11:12 AM EST Gardner also finished 2013 on a strong note, throwing for 451 yards (71% accuracy), four touchdowns and zero interceptions against Ohio State, and that was while playing injured. It was a terrific fighting performance and should have earned him the respect of the Michigan fan base.

11:08 AM EST  However while he may not be an ideal fit, he does possess the size and the arm strength to succeed as a pocket passer, but must be more accurate, make better decisions and do a better job reading a defense. The last two are certainly traits that can improve with experience, and he has that now.

11:04 AM EST Devin Gardner will once again start at Quarterback, a gifted dual threat athlete, Gardner looks tailor-made for the spread offense he was recruited to run, but he has had trouble adjusting to the pro-style offense he finds himself in.

11:01 AM EST Sophomores Derrick Green and De'Veon Smith will carry the load behind the line, two large backs who run with power. Neither excelled as freshmen but they cannot put all the blame on the line; they must show better vision.

10:57 AM EST The hope in Ann Arbor is that a the young line which starts the season will grow in the right direction this time around. The first depth chart of the season had true freshman Mason Cole at LT, Erik Magnuson at LG, Jack Miller at C, either Joe Burzynski or Kyle Bosch at RG and Ben Braden at RT.

10:54 AM EST For Michigan all eyes will be on the offensive line which had an awful season in 2013; they wobbled at the start of the season and got worse from there, reaching a nadir in back to back games against Michigan State and Nebraska, giving up 14 sacks and recording a total of -69 rushing yards.

10:51 AM EST Now it's time to take a look at Michigan.

10:48 AM EST However they really struggled to get to the quarterback, and that needs to change if they are to cope in the FBS. Senior defensive end Deuce Robinson tied for the lead in sacks with just 2.

10:45 AM EST Appalachian States defense transitioned to a 3-4 in 2013 and was relatively solid against the run, they held Georgia to 4.2 yards per carry.

10:42 AM EST Bryant has several experienced options to throw to be the most intriguing option may be Jaylan Barbour, a 3* freshman who is expected to play today. He had originally committed to Wake Forest before enrolling with the Mountaineers.

10:39 AM EST Cox wasn't the only young player to impress in 2013, as redshirt sophomore quarterback Kameron Bryant took over the starting job after five games and never looked back. While not a dual-threat as Edwards had been, Bryant was accurate and efficient, passing for 2713 yards, 14 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, with an excellent 71.2% completion percentage, a school record.

10:36 AM EST Running back Marcus Cox is the key offensive player for the Mountaineers. As a true freshman last season, Cox ran for 1250 yards (5.1 avg) and 15 touchdowns, while also recording 43 receptions for 558 yards and a further 6 touchdowns, making him the teams leading returning rusher and receiver. That production largely came against FCS competition, but they are still impressive totals for a true freshman.

10:34 AM EST That's enough about the 2007 match, now it's time to have a look at the teams today, starting with Appalachian State.

10:30 AM EST This time around, anything less than a routine Michigan victory will be viewed as a disappointment for the Wolverines. They have much more talent and depth, and are in no position to feel complacency, coming off a disappointing 7-5 campaign.

10:26 AM EST Armanti Edwards won't be under center for Appalachian State either, for which Michigan will be thankful. The elusive Edwards threw for three touchdowns and rushed for another, showing enough poise and mobility to give the Michigan defense more than it could handle. Edwards led the Mountaineers to a 28-17 half-time lead, and then, after Michigan had rallied to lead 32-31, drove the Mountaineers into field goal range inside the final minute.

10:20 AM EST That 2007 Mountaineers team was an FCS superpower on its way to a third successive FCS National Championship. The Mountaineers may be an FBS team now and building something new, but the 2014 vintage is less potent than the 2007 one.

10:15 AM EST However this isn't 2007, and the current teams bear no relation to those that competed that day.

10:07 AM EST This match is a repeat of one of the greatest upsets in college football history, an Appalachian State 34-32 victory over the Wolverines in The Big House on September 1st, 2007. Corey Lynch's field goal block is one of the all-time great game winning plays in college football history.

10:00 AM EST Welcome to VAVEL USA's live coverage of the Appalachian State Mountaineers against the Michigan Wolverines.